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Our Story

Once upon a time in Chile.

As it turns out, our home, Chile’s Colchagua Valley, features a climate similar to that of the olive-rich Mediterranean, where nearly 87% of the world’s olives are grown. Nestled between the Andes mountains and the Pacific Ocean, the area’s long, hot summers and mild, wet winters produce a soil that is ideal for growing olives that rival the world’s best.

Our olives are grown in high-density groves and mechanically picked at the height of their ripeness. Then, in our mill and bottling facilities located in the heart of our 6,500-acre estate, we press and seal our oil within just two hours of harvest. This minimizes handling and oxidation, while guaranteeing we reach the coveted < 0.2 % acidity level that only the best extra virgin olive oils can deliver. That's what leads to the fresh, smooth, buttery taste that has already made O-Live & Co. one of the world's top extra virgin olive oils. All from our home in Chile.

Our Responsibility

At O-Live & Co., producing the world’s best extra virgin olive oil is only part of our mission. Doing so in an environmentally responsible manner is equally as important, which is why we can proudly claim we are a carbon neutral company. In an effort to give back to the planet at least as much as we are taking, we aim to offset our carbon emissions by reducing, reusing, and recycling.

For starters, our state-of-the-art mill is eco-friendly and uses geothermal temperature controls. Our groves are watered with an irrigation system powered by solar panels and no part of our olives goes unused. Many of the pits are sold and converted into biofuels. The rest, along with our leftover olive skins and pulps, are made into fertilizer.

The goal is to treat the land with the same respect it has shown us. That way, not only can we
become the world’s top extra virgin olive oil brand, we can feel good about doing so.

We let nature make the olives, so we can make the olive oil.

O-Live & Co. extra virgin olive oil is Non-GMO Project verified. This means our olive oils are made only from olives and free of genetically modified organisms, which guarantees that every bottle of O-Live & Co. extra virgin olive oil will have the same two-hour fresh olive oil taste that nature intended.